Me In A Tree: Bringing Families Together {Review}

Recently I was asked to review a new family-friendly website.  My first impression of Me In A Tree was that it looked like a fun, interactive, place for parent's and children to "huddle".  The main purpose of this resource is to provide a place where families can meet, participate in discussions and challenges, and get advice on fun activities in your city or region.  Based on the premise that making a date for the things that are important, will help the whole family know that time spent together is highly valued.

My customized avatar was done so I was whisked to a
page to walk me through the next steps.

The "Family Huddle" is recommended on a regular basis.
There is a section to "Journal" your activities and
thoughts about  the Huddle

This page highlights the main features of a healthy, connected family.
I agree with each one 

There are many features that need to be unlocked.
I wasn't sure if they would be unlocked after my family
has competed some of the first suggested steps, or if the site
is still being developed.
Speed and Ease

It took less then 10 minutes for me to sign up. This included choosing avatars and adding a few details for each family member.

Features are neatly organized, easy to access, and there are fabulous HOW TO videos to help you get started on the site.  Or if you're like me. I went back to the video center a few days after joining because I had already forgotten where to find the "Change Avatar" section.


This service is free, has a fair variety of activities and things to do online. There is promise of more apps being unlocked in the near future.  

Since my daughter is only teetering on the edge of 3 years old, some of the features in this site are a little out of her reach developmentally.  I think this would be a great resource for families of school-aged children, ages 4 to 10.  You may be able to capture the tween and teen audience if they have younger siblings to impress.  I suggest letting the older children lead family huddle time to give them a sense of personal interest and involvement. 

Favourite Features

The "Family Calendar" to jot your special outings, family huddles and more.  There is the option to sync with Google account. 

The drop down menu to find an activity in your city or region.  This will give you a list of family friendly events or places in your area to help you plan your family outings.


I don't think the tweens and teens in my life will be all that interested in using this resource even though I believe they truly could benefit from the family huddle and activities.  


I share some of the same family values highlighted so will continue exploring Me in a Tree over the next few weeks and will also suggest it to my friends with school aged children.  It seems like a fun, useful, practical resource for parents and children to meet and grow together.

Disclosure: I was compensated with a gift card in exchange for this review.  All opinions remain honest and my own words.


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