Deceived by James Scott Bell {Book Review}

DECEIVED unfolds with a mix of characters whose lives are intertwined by life choices and a series of events that would shake a praying man's faith to the core.  Arthur Towne, is a husband trying to turn his life around after accepting Jesus as his Saviour, but his wife Liz isn't sure she likes the effect of these changes on her standard of living.  Liz makes a decision to take her future into her own hands with little concern for the avalanche of trouble and conflict that ensue when she has to keep up her lies. The plot twists in a roller coaster ride of suspense and not even avid mystery fans could predict the ending. 
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 I'd love to say more in this review but can't risk giving any of the plot away.  I recently stumbled upon this author and I'm still reeling from the ending of his book.  Usually I stick to the same authors on my list of favourites. First there's the cost of books to contend with and also the fact that I'm short on time for committing to casual reading.  Most of my book selections are referred by friends or through my local library.

I've been MIA with no apologies as I'm on my first vacation in 15 months!  My sister had a few books laying around.  She had bought them randomly through a charity sale and they were since forgotten until I was cooped up in the house during the four non-stop days of rain.  I read the first chapter of each book and settled on DECEIVED by James Scott Bell.  I didn't recognize the author, but I recognized Zondervan as a reputable publisher of Christian books and literature.

Don't let the Christian aspect of the book turn you off.  There are a few religious (Biblical) references but it's not done in a shove-it-down-your-throat approach.  It seems more like an honest testimonial for people/characters that have made conscious choices to impart positive changes in their lives.  James Scott Bell's writing style and plot grabbed my attention immediately. The book was devoured in less than 24 hours and left me asking- Where have you been all my life?!  

Read more about this accomplished suspense author here.

Disclosure:  This post is not sponsored, nor endorsed by the author or publishers.  All opinions remain honest and my own.


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