What To Do When Your Pastor Finds Your Blog {LIFE}

Had a silly encounter the other day and of course I HAD to blog about it.  I've been selling a few things on kijiji.ca and was watching a few items to buy as well.  {My hubby has been grumbling about the hand-me-down phone I gave him last summer.  I'm currently on my fourth phone in 2 years, but that's a different story.}  After watching the site for a few days and finally finding a phone that I could afford, I responded to a seller's ad.  The seller's email was hidden, and most people don't even post their phone number, so who knows who you're connecting too.  I used my blog email because I'm a little paranoid about giving my personal information to strangers.  Especially information that would include my real name, etc.  The next day I got an email from my Pastor:  "Are you looking to buy a phone?"  
Me: "Yes did I spam you by accident?".  No response...a little later I got a pop up chat window on facebook.  
Again, it's my Pastor: "The phone is sold already." 
Me: "It was your phone?" 
Pastor: "Yes, and it took me a while to find the genie in the bottle." 
Me "Huh?"  
Pastor: "How in the world did you get into this??"
Me: "HUH?"
Pastor: "Humble Pie..Wow!"
Me: "Oh, that!"

When Your Secret Is Out.
It was a head-smacking-DOH! moment.  In my attempt to remain anonymous I had used an email account that has all my blog information embedded as well as my alias facebook and twitter profiles. After a little snooping my secret was out.  Of course my immediate reaction was "Do I have anything on here that I don't want my Pastor to read?".  Luckily the answer is "No."  I try to use aliases as a way to keep my friends and family members' privacy.  And try very hard to maintain integrity because I believe that being anonymous doesn't remove your social responsibility.  My mother will probably never read my blog since she doesn't own a computer, yet I always wonder- Would I want my family to stumble on this post, ad, or review?  So for me, keeping my blogging under wraps is not a matter of hiding a dirty little secret.  It's more about privacy and wanting to keep something that is special to me.

When Aliases Are Abused.
When I first jumped into the twitter-verse 2 years ago, I was appalled at the number of people that would hurtle insults while hiding behind aliases.  I nearly left twitter in the first 6 months because a random TWIT, er, user commented on my profile pic and called me FAT.  Not that I've never been called FAT before, it was just such an unwelcome and unnecessary form of nastiness.  That ugly part of social media may never change, but bullies tend not to get very far with the masses.  They find themselves blocked and shunned soon enough.

I want to know~ Is there anyone you hope never finds your blog?  
 Do you use aliases to remain anonymous in social media?

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Lee-Ann said…
I'm pretty good about people finding my blog, not too big of a deal for me.

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