Simple Hand Print Torch {Craft} #Olympic #Cheer

I have been anticipating the Olympics but this week kind of ran away from me.  On my way to work I heard on the radio "London is abuzz in excitement for the opening ceremonies..."  Then thought "Doh!" I didn't do an Olympic themed activity with my students.  After standing in front of the craft shelf for a few minutes I thought of doing a Hand Print Olympic Torch.  The craft resulted in an afternoon of relay races to reenact our own Olympic Flame hand over from runner to runner.

What we used:

9 x 13 sheets of Construction paper
red, yellow, orange for the flames
black or brown for the torch

What we did:
After tracing our hands and cutting them out, we taped them to the top of our construction paper.
Roll the paper along the longer edge until you get a cone shape.
Tape or glue your edges.

Variation:  I made a simple tissue paper Olympic Flame with
Princess Destructo.  She crunched up the tissue and shoved it into the end of a paper towel tube.


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