LAY'S Gluten Free Chips: "Simply Made Simply Good".

Lays Gluten Free Chips

I've mentioned before that I'm a habitual snacker. Salty, crunchy potato chips are one of my weaknesses. And if I had to pick a favourite "child", ROAST CHICKEN or SOUR CREAM AND ONION Lays would have to be on the top of my list.  The generous folks from Lay's attempted to send me this basket full of chips to sample for review.  Issues with Purolator derailed that plan.  Long story short, after one failed delivery attempt they held my package at a depot 23 km from my home and I had no way to make a 50km plus road trip.  So I went out and bought my own because I just had to know what the gluten free buzz was about.  Why the determination to snack on Lays?
The Lay’s brand is thrilled to announce that many of its potato chips have now been officially certified gluten free through the Canadian celiac Association.
I don't have celiac disease but know at least one person who does.  The lure of trying specialty products, especially from brands I love, sent me out to the wild grocery store kingdom on a Canada Day long weekend.  Plus I needed snacks for a neighbourhood BBQ and Lays are my go-to chip.  I have to admit that most of them never got shared and the gluten free Lays taste exactly the same as they did before. There was no difference!

Want to buy your own?
Lays Gluten Free chips are available at most grocery stores in the 200 gr and 270 gr bags, I paid about $3. Just look for the Canadian Celiac Association label on the back of the packaging.

A full list of PepsiCo/Frito Lay products that are gluten free can be found here.

Happy Snacking!

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post, all opinions remain my own.  Lays attempted to give me a complimentary sample of their Gluten Free chips but Purolator had another plan- either that or they had a snack attack.


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