Imagination Movers ROCK-O-MATIC Tour ~ A.K.A. Surviving a Kids Concert.

Courtesy: Imagination
"Reach high, think big, work hard, have fun!"

The Imagination Movers recently BOUNCED through Ontario for a handful of stops on their newest tour.  We purchased tickets way back in January and had been looking forward to the tour date booked for our hometown.  The Imagination Movers are Rich, Scott, Smitty, and Dave.  They host their own show and are featured on Disney Junior two times a day.  Each episode presents an "Idea Emergency" that the guys need to work together to solve.  The catchy songs and fun plot twists are always age appropriate as the Movers brainstorm and dance their way to a resolution.  I wondered how the Movers would be able to bring their TV personalities and energy to the Live stage.  The result was a fun family event, complete with a quick encounter with Mover Dave and Mover Rich.  Though we missed seeing Mover neighbours Nina and Warehouse Mouse.

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We were seated Stage West, Row 3

A wide shot of the Movers. It seemed
much closer from where were were.

Princess Destructo brought Mickey and Minnie Mouse
stickers because she associated the Movers
with "Mickey's TV" a.k.a. Disney Junior.

Mover Dave and Drummer Kyle stayed
behind to say hello to their young fans.
Princess D gave her stickers to Dave and he said
"How Sweet!"

Mover Rich handed out Imagination Movers guitar picks
before leaving stage.  Princess D wouldn't leave without
getting one for daddy.

Surviving a Kids Concert.
We consider ourselves a musical family and like to provide our daughter with opportunities to have quality experiences with music.  This is the second big children's event we have attended.  Surviving a children's concert can be simple with a little preparation.
  • A big event, like a live concert may not be the right musical outlet for every child. There are a lot of people, loud noise, bright lights, and big arenas to get lost in.  Be prepared to leave early if your child becomes frightened or overwhelmed.  If your child is super shy or scared by loud noises or strangers - Find smaller events to go to as a family in practise for bigger concerts.
  • Label everything, even your child. I stuck custom Skinny Mini labels from Mabel's Labels ( in Princess D's shoes, her coat, her concert shirt, items in her diaper bag, etc.  I also recommend using Mabel's "411 Wristbands" - custom identity bracelets for your child.  They come in packs of 30 and are waterproof bands that carry contact information in case your child/ren gets lost.
  • When we decided we could only afford one parent ticket, I wanted to be prepared for a solo trip with a 2 year old in a big venue.  I went online and bought her concert t-shirt last month.  It ended up being $15 including shipping, and we had it in time to wear to the show.  The previous concert (for another children's band) we went to resulted in an hour long wait to buy an over-priced concert t-shirt and backpack.  Of course none of the prices were visible until you got directly in front of the vendor.  And it's too late to back out because you now have a preschooler that has waited "patiently" to get on with the show.  We paid $50 total for the 2 items, I decided we'd never get trapped like that again.
  • Feed your child before you go unless you want to spend $20 for a bottle of water and a bag of popcorn. Chances are you won't be allowed to bring food or drink into the arena. (I knew we weren't allowed to even bring a sippy cup of water in the diaper bag.)  I went online and found out the concert was set to last an hour.  I fed my girl right before we went in and we didn't have to spend a dime in the arena.

*This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own and intended for entertainment value only.


Anne said…
I expected to watch for live bands on our Disney trip this May cos my hubby likes live bands and I'm so worried of my 3 year old daughter. Thanks for the help! Disney Resorts