How To Make A Diaper Cake: No Baking Skills Required {Tutorial}

I have often seen diaper cakes at baby showers and know that stores charge a small fortune to make them.  Here is my latest DIY adventure in making a customized diaper cake.  Basically I learned two things: don't attempt this project alone for the first time, and pretty ribbon and cellophane can hide a multitude of mistakes.  Please note- the diapers need to be rolled really tight. Do this before you start assembling!  I ended up using about 40 diapers which is considered a small cake because I was limited by the size of tray I wanted to use.  I ended up taking everything apart and starting over because the diapers were leaning to the side.  I've seen different assembly methods on the internet, but this is the only one that worked for a lowly novice with big ambitions.  So beginning to end, the project took me about 2 hours.

This is the most important part of your project. Clip pieces of white curling
ribbon (about 10 to 12 inches long).  Roll your diaper, starting at the waistband,
and roll tightly to the end. Tie the ribbon in a tight knot and trim.
What I bought:
Approximately 40 premium, size 2 diapers.
1 plastic tray (14 in diameter).
1 -12 ounce baby bottle.
1 bag of assorted elastic bands.
1 roll white fabric ribbon, 2 inches wide.
1 roll of pink and brown flowery ribbon, 1/2 inch wide.
1 roll each of white, pink, yellow, and blue curling ribbon.
1 large fabric bow.
Hot glue gun and about 2 sticks.
Large roll of clear cellophane.
Various teething rings, soothers, small plush toy, onesies, facecloths, socks, and board books.


Shop for supplies and gather everything
before getting started.

Have a sturdy tray or cardboard base to place
your rolled diapers.  Use an elastic to hold each
layer in place. 

Top view of bottom tier, which ended up with two
circles of diapers.

The bottle was big enough to secure the second tier of diapers.
I tucked facecloths randomly into the bottom tier.

I rolled 3 baby t-shirts and tucked those in to decorate
the top tier. I also sat the plush Tigger on the top and tucked
his tail in for security.  I thought the baby socks looked
cute on him too. 
I used the wide white ribbon to hide the elastic bands. Cut it to
length and put a dab of hot glue on the end to keep in place.
Repeat the process with the coloured ribbon.  Center it over the
white ribbon, and hot glue in place. Just a few dabs will do.
Protect your gift with a layer of cellophane.
Tie ribbon and bows on the top
for a finishing touch.

I didn't end up using all the ribbon I bought, so have lots left over for other projects.  I'm not an expert by any ways or means, but if you have any questions feel free to ask away!


I love diaper cakes - I made my first one in March - I have a post half written :) Mine is the flattened way, so it will be different - maybe we can cross link once mine is up?! BEAUTIFUL cake!
I would love to cross-link! I took this one apart twice before sealing it up in cellophane. (You can see some of the pics show the diapers rings bulging and looking crooked.) I had attempted the smooth cake first and abandoned the effort.

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