New Kellogg's Products For 2012 {Review}.

Just before Christmas I approached Kellogg's and pleaded to be a part of their Kellogger's Blogger community.  I was sure the appeal had fallen on deaf ears until I received an acceptance email 3 weeks ago.  Last week a box of Kellogg's goodies arrived at my door and the family squabble began immediately.  Princess Destructo proceeded to eat one of each of the Rice Krispies Granola bars.  I have to admit I tend not to buy these packaged snacks.  The cost of buying packaged Rice Krispies squares versus making a huge pan, just doesn't add up in my frugal mind.  After reading that these new Strawberry Granola bars have 2 grams of fiber each, I had to admit they would be a great treat to have in my purse or the diaper bag.  My husband actually rejected the cocoa flavoured ones in favour of the strawberry, much to my delight.
 [1 bar is 23 g = 90 calories- 2.5 g fat- 6 g sugar-17 g carb]  It would count as one starch and one sugar on my diabetic menu plan because it is a source of fiber!
The Goods:
  • Mini Wheats Mixed Berry Centers
  • Cinnamon Corn Pops
  • Rice Krispies {Brown Rice Gluten Free}
  • Rice Krispies Granola Bars {Strawberry and Cocoa}
  • Orange Cranberry All Bran Bars
  • Toucan Sam Tee Shirt
  • Cereal bowls x 2
  • Coupon booklet worth $12

I will keep you posted on what we think of the other products we were given to review.  It's time to crack open the Cinnamon Corn Pops because everyone is gone to bed and I can eat them without sharing!

*This is not a compensated post, I am a member of the Kellogger's Blogger community.


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