It's Time To #Shareyourbreakfast on National Breakfast Day!

Kellogg's Canada is working with two fabulous programs to feed Canada's children.  With the purchase of each participating Kellogg's breakfast product- in return a donation will be made to BREAKFAST CLUBS of Canada and BREAKFAST for LEARNING.  You will also receive a PIN to redeem for a FREE breakfast item.  

Ever since I was a kid people have told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many years I ignored that advice and skipped breakfast. I would head to school with my brown bag lunch and an empty stomach. Is it any wonder that my attention-span dwindled by mid-morning? I would eat my lunch by first recess, with nothing left for lunch. Then end up being drowsy and falling asleep in my afternoon classes. It really does seem silly when I look back on it. At some point I could have stopped being stubborn, gone to bed earlier, and made time for breakfast everyday.  I didn't become a faithful breakfast eater until early adulthood. Now I look forward to breakfast and make time for it everyday.

Can you imagine what it is like to not have a choice in whether you eat breakfast?  After working in School-age Recreational Programs and in a Child Care setting, I was truly amazed at how many hungry children there were in my community.
Did you know?
· Studies show that breakfast can help kids boost their academic performance – improving behavior, reducing absences and tardiness and increasing focus and physical performance
· In Canada - 1 in 10 children live in poverty and are at risk of starting their day on an empty stomach.
Thursday, March 8 is National Breakfast Day and Kellogg's is taking "breakfast to the streets".
On March 8, we will greet Canadians on the sidewalks of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. We'll enlighten people by sharing facts about childhood hunger in Canada and delicious bowls of Kellogg's* cereal.


Visit BREAKFAST CLUBS of Canada to find out more about what they are doing in your community.  You can also find information on starting a sponsored breakfast program in your area.

Breakfast For Learning is a dedicated to offering nutritional breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for school children across Canada. And their website offers information about campaign news, sponsored events and resources for families and educators.

Consider making a donation to either of these organizations directly.

Tweet your support using the hashtag #shareyourbreakfast

Watch the Kellogg's Breakfast Video and share this important message with friends and family via social media.

Visit Kellogg's Canada to find out more about the delicious Share Your Breakfast Campaign, or to submit a PIN from a participating Kellogg's cereal and receive your FREE breakfast product.   

*Image and quotes courtesy of Kellogg's Canada.  **This is not a compensated post.  It was posted on behalf of Kellogg's Canada as part of my participation in their Kellogger's (Blogger) Campaign.


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