I'm A Walking Hanky...LYSOL #HealthyFamilies Initiative Can Save Me!

"Lysol's Mission for Health is not just about making better products to help moms protect her family, but also about contributing to the health of the communities we live in. That's why Lysol started the new moms program, healthy habits initiatives in schools, the cold & flu prevention program and disaster relief efforts. Lysol is dedicated to doing more for health."
I have been teaching Preschoolers since 1999.  The first two years were in recreational programs and the last decade has been spent in a licensed Child Care setting.  I was apprehensive to return to work after Maternity Leave, which I did in February.  I lasted a whole five weeks before succumbing to a mix of two nasty bugs going around. Why did I fall so hard?  The little ones wipe their noses on their hands, and then spread it to my hands as we read books, build towers, and have fun...other times they skip their sleeves and go right to wiping it directly on me.

Runny Noses + Daycare Teacher = Walking Hanky

Being invited to join the #HealthyFamilies Campaign was very exciting for me and not much of a stretch at all.  I had already been a loyal Lysol customer since forever.  I mainly use the sprays and the wipes.  How else would I survive all these years in Child Care?  I use the room deoderizing sprays at work.  When the children are on a small group outing I spray the doorknobs, light switches, and garbage cans.  I would use the all-purpose spray as well on counters and taps but we are mandated to use a 1/10 part bleach solution by the  Public Health regulations.

I received a nice package with new products from Lysol.  So stay tuned for my reviews and more news on the Lysol Mission For Health.

  • Blossoms and Springtime Fabric Refresher - I don't usually use fabric refreshers, but find is quite light and, well, fresh.  
  • Healthy Touch/No Touch Hand Soap System with lightly scented Aloe & E soap will be going to work with me soon and be put through the test.
  • No Touch Kitchen System with lemon scented solution that can be used on dishes, kitchen surfaces, and is safe on hands.

Do you want to learn more about Lysols Mission For Health?

"Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central.  I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


I've been carrying around a few tissues myself today for DD! At least she is using those now and not wiping her nose with her hands. :)
Heather Cook said…
I've always been amazed that people who work with kids aren't sick more often!
I do get sick, but have longer periods of being healthy after years of immunity building exposure. When I'm tired or eat terribly I seem to be more at risk. I was away from Preschool environment for 2 years (took an extended Mat Leave) and got hit hard in the second month back on the job.
Leanne said…
I use a TON of Lysol wipes. I actually should look into buying stock in them. But yeah, I'm sure working with the little ones means you're a germfest all the time...but I'm also sure being around them must be a BLAST. :)

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