Paint The Barn {Health & Beauty}.

This picture shows what I carry in my purse at all 
times, including eyeshadow, an eyelash 
curler and compact for touch ups. 
I don’t consider myself a vain woman or glamorous in any way.  But my grandfather used to say “If the barn needs paint, then paint it!”  In other words, everyone can benefit from a little skin care and polishing up.  I started wearing make up at 13 years old, and had to wear it in secret. (Which means I arrived early to school, put on mascara and eyeliner in the girls bathroom, and wiped it off at a friends' house on the way home).  I have been using the same two inexpensive brands of makeup for more than 20 years.  I won't pay more than $3.99 for mascara ~$2.99 if I score a good coupon.

If you asked about my top 5 makeup must haves it would go something like this:
  1. tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF 15 (Love the cream-to-powder formulas for easy and natural daytime look)
  2. black mascara 
  3. black eyeliner 
  4. eyeshadow compact with at least 3 shades ranging from light to dark (for highlight, contour and drama boost)
  5. lip gloss (natural tones, not too shimmery)

Basic makeup tips

Start and end each day with a clean face. 
I wash my face every night and invest in a decent skin care system.  Mine costs about $40 ~ lasts about 6 months and is worth every penny.  When looking for a skin care system in your price range think of these items: eye makeup remover, creamy cleanser, night moisturizer, day moisturizer with SPF 15, exfoliating scrub.  I have super sensitive skin and am sensitive to scents.  It is hard to find unscented products in any form.  There are many that claim to be, yet have a light scent that can set me sneezing.  *Of course if you have skin issues you are concerned about, see a dermatologist before changing any skin care regimes.  

Use the right colours for you.
There are many places to get FREE advice on picking proper shades of makeup for your skin tone and type.  I had worn the wrong foundation for a few years before a free consultation set me straight.  I recommend doing this every year or so because our skin does change over time, and even from season to season. I am two shades darker then when I was in my 20’s (classic ivory vs. buff).  At the same time use your head, don't get talked into the newest and brightest lipstick shades that make you glow brighter than Gloworm.  I stick to natural lipglosses that are peachy with only a hint of shimmer. 

Makeup Tools Can Help Your Makeup Application.
I started using an eyelash curler after a FREE makeup consultation for my wedding 13 years ago.  I was too chicken to use one before that ~I can't even wear contacts.  An eyelash curler gets your eyelashes ready for the mascara and I find that I can use a little less product to get the results I want.  I will also use my eyelash curler if I'm already wearing my daytime makeup and getting ready to go out at night/after work.  Sometimes I won't need to add more mascara when doing makeup touch ups.  An eyelash/brow brush helps separate your lashes to keep them from clumping, and can tame those eyebrows that got a life of their own now that I'm past 35.

I use disposable cotton pads to take off my makeup and to apply foundation.  And Q-tips to apply eyeshadow.  Why?  It's keeps my hands/germs out of the products and I don't have time to wash out makeup applicators.  If you use the applicators that come with your products PLEASE take time to wash them after every few uses and air dry.  Which leads to my most important advice.

The Three Month Rule.
There are many different sources of advice on how long to keep your makeup, including when it expires after opening and how to store it.  Every three months: I go through my makeup bag and toss any makeup that has been opened and used on a daily basis. {If it's 3 months old} This usually means liquid foundation, lipglosses, and eyeliner for me. 

I check other products for their expiry dates and toss anything that is past it's date.  Powder Eyeshadows and Foundation will be kept a little longer as they are rarely used and I believe they can stay bacteria free for longer.

Am I crazy? Wasteful? Do you have any makeup tips to share with me?

I have been cursed with very fine hair and lashes. Okay, I may be a little dramatic here, but anyone with fair lashes that are also sparse can identify with me. If wearing “glamour” makeup every day I could use a tube of mascara every two weeks because I need about 4 coats to give my fair lashes a big boost. Which leads to the next dilemma ~ how to clean all that mascara every night. I have to buy a new bottle of make up remover as often as new mascara. It’s only about $6 for a 125ml bottle but still adds up in the long run.  So, what did I think of my two week affair with Bourjois Make up remover and Volumizer mascara?

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara
Retail price $20 per wand

Bourjois Make Up Remover
$18 for 200 ml
Please look for my FULL Review on Our Family World ~ Coming Soon!

*I received a complimentary VOLUMIZER mascara and Eye Makeup Remover to aid in my review.  All opinions remain honest and my own.