Now Is The Time To Love Your Heart {LIFE}.

As a result of this commercial I was captivated by the strong message and compelled to see what my own risks are.  So did what I normally do when looking for information-hopped on my computer and checked out the Heart and Stroke site. They have loads on information about how to donate, how to become a volunteer (including a volunteer spotlight), heart-healthy recipes, and a free RISK assessment tool.  This was what I was looking for and kind of dreaded doing it.  Did I really want a program to tell me the ugly truth of how unhealthy I am?  

Have you seen this commercial? There is a male-focused one as well.

I answered the questions as honestly as I could.  It took less than 10 minutes to complete and they give you the option of sharing some of your answers with the national database for research (with personal info removed).  But you have the option of not answering some of the questions.  The only personal info I gave was the first 3 digits of my postal code and my province.  Turns out that I only had 4 negative risk factors - high BMI, moderately high cholesterol, family history of heart disease and stroke, and inactive lifestyle.  I do argue with that last one though.  Since I don't have a driver's license and walk more than ride AND have a very active job in Early Childhood Education- I feel active!  To be honest, I did get really lazy while on Maternity Leave and have quite a bit of damage control to do.  I gained 50 pounds in my first year home.  What health officials recommend for me is this- 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio exercise at least 3 times a week.

Overall, there are many reasons for me to take care of myself and focus on heart-health.  My life has finally gotten past the point where vanity can't be the only reason to lose weight.  I want to be a good role model for my girl.  I try to offer her a balanced diet and am careful not to talk negatively about weight.  But it's obvious that I do my junk food eating in secret-when she goes to bed.  My BMI shows the truth.  This needs to be the year for REAL change.

Do you know the RISKS for your own heart health?
Visit Heart and to check your own risk assessment.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.


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