Wiggles' Big Announcement Has Rocked Our Little World.

Wiggles Concert, July 2011
We were thrilled to be this close to Sam!

I don't normally talk about entertainment in terms of gossip or latest news.  An official announcement made by The Wiggles yesterday has had an effect on our little family so I couldn't keep quiet.

This message was posted on The Wiggles Facebook page:

The Wiggles "G'day everyone! We have some big news today. Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle, will be reuniting with The Wiggles! Sam Moran, who has been the Yellow Wiggle for the past five years, has graciously offered to step aside on hearing of Greg’s ability to return to the group. We take this opportunity to welcome back Greg, but also to thank Sam for his wonderful contribution to the group. Sam joined at a difficult time for Greg and the group, and we’re so grateful for all he has done! If you’d like to leave a message for Greg or Sam please post it below!"

Simple and straight forward.  An original band member is reclaiming his place in the group.  For my generation, this would compare to the band break ups and major lead singer changes of VAN HALEN, and GENESIS to name a few.  These bands carried on even though their front man left.  Likewise The Wiggles carried on for the last six years with Sam Moran, in the lead role and wearing the Yellow Wiggle shirt.   Being a musically inclined family we strive to give our daughter quality musical experiences.  We brought her to a Wiggles concert last July even though she had barely seen them on TV.  It so happened that Jeff Fatt, the Purple Wiggle, was ill and an understudy performed in our show in his place. Princess still looks at the pictures and thinks Jeff was there. She saw a man in a purple shirt, with dark brown hair, singing and playing keyboards, doing all the things that Jeff Wiggle does.

Soon after it was her birthday and all she wanted was Wiggles DVD's.  I have to be completely honest and say that I enjoy the songs and videos with Sam.  In fact our whole family is "team Sam".   In our opinion his musical contribution far surpassed Greg's - vocally and with the quality of music being produced.  So, back to the effects of the big Wiggly announcement.  I told Princess Destructo that Sam gave his yellow shirt back to Greg, and that Greg would be singing with The Wiggles again.  She said "Oh Sam" in a sad tone.  And now it's all we've heard about for the last day.  I'm sure we'll continue to enjoy Wiggles entertainment and give Greg a chance - maybe it will be a smooth transition.  Most children are very forgiving and probably won't give too much thought to who's wearing the Yellow Wiggle shirt.  It's the parents, me included, that will most likely have the hardest time adjusting to the change.  We're the ones who pay good money for and have to sit through the silly songs, concerts, and videos.

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Have fun and play nice!

*This post is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone, but merely intended for entertainment value. Opinions expressed are entirely my own. 


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