Bookadoo Personalized Books: Have You Ever Wanted To Be A SUPERKID or MILLIONAIRE? {Review}

Ever heard of Bookadoo?  I have to admit that I'd never heard of it until I was recently asked to do a review for them.  My first contact with this fun brand of books was soon met with excitement.  After browsing the site and laughing at some of the wilder Adult book and magazine mock-ups, I went over to look at the Potty Hero book in the Children's Book section.  These books have a host of features to please even the toughest people to buy gifts for.  Yes, it even pleased a toddler that's in the full tantrums and tornadoes mode of the terrible two's.

A Booka…what?

Bookadoo’s come in hilarious magazines and unique children’s books. But what makes it exceptional? Not only textual personalization characterizes a Bookadoo, but your picture is embedded in each and every page of the book too. In the Funny Magazines you will be reinvented in a personalized glossy by utilizing your picture in both its editorials and advertisements.
It’s more than just pasting a picture. We studiously clip your head from the picture and embed it on the model in the book. This way you will not only recognize yourself, friend, partner or child, the subject becomes the centre of attention in this story. A truly wonderful gift for an adult who already has all it desires and a unique children’s book that will be read over and over again . All that’s required is a proper picture of the future leading role. 

What did I like about the Bookadoo ordering experience?  They gave clear guidelines on what type of picture to upload.  Note: The best pictures are ones with your child's hair off their shoulder's or up in a pony tail.  Since my daughter WILL NOT allow any clips or ties in her hair, I had to choose an older picture where she had shorter hair.  My picture was then expertly cropped and used to make the personalized story for my Princess Destructo.  Another great feature is being able to write a personal message as a foreword just like real books from mass production.  I wrote a few words of encouragement to my daughter.  We have had two false starts to potty training, so I hoped this book would spark more interest.  Bookadoo then gives you a chance to see your order before finalizing it. After previewing my order I was glad to have a chance to go back and fix a misspelled word.  The book came within 10 days after ordering, even with the Christmas holiday closures holding up the postal services a bit.  I gave this book to my Potty Hero! girl as a late Christmas present.  She was thrilled to see her face on a real book and instantly recognized her name on the cover and mentioned in all the pages.

Here is a little more information about the Potty Hero! book I ordered.
  • A 20 page book with a retail price of $29.95.
  • Can be customized for a boy or girl.
  • Has a fun story that will feature your child's face/head in a series of poses and settings.
  • Personalize it with your child's name and a foreword from you.
Preview the Potty Hero! Bookadoo here.

About Bookadoo's Children Books:
Bookadoo®'s range from light-hearted educational stories to super-exciting adventures, with one thing in common: they are all unique. But what makes it so exceptional? Not only textual personalization characterizes a Bookadoo, but your child’s picture is embedded in each and every page of the book too.
You can help your daughter become potty-trained, see your son as a Superhero or read about your niece on an adventure in Dreamland with her best friend, or see how your nephew becomes a real pop star. Select the book that appeals to you most and order your own, super-original Bookadoo®.

Visit to see the full range of customizable products they offer.

See my full Potty Hero! review featured on Our Family World.

*I received a complimentary Potty Hero! book for the purpose of writing this review.  Opinions remain honest and my own.  **A similar post will be also be featured on the Our Family World OUR TEAM blog.  ***Images and quote extracted from the website. 


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