80's Band Stand Off In the Toddler Aisle {Humour}

Just the other day I was wondering how other people choose their ringtones.  Do you stick to one of the generic tones that come as a package deal from your provider? Or are you like me and download favourite songs as soon as you get your phone?
I was a child of the 80's. Well technically I was born in the mid 70's, but most of my growing up happened in the time of neon hair scrunchies, wearing leg warmers over jeans, and new-wave pop.  One look at my massive CD collection (yes I still have my old CASSETTE TAPES too) and you will understand my love of music from the 70's, 80's and a variety of artists up to present day.

As I was power-shopping one day, my cellphone kept chiming *Owner of a Lonely Heart* (insert groovin' bass riff).  I had messages to pick up but was ignoring it until I could sit and attend to the messages safely.  Have you read what happens when I try to answer my phone while walking?   I couldn't count on my cheap mobile surviving another drop-kick.  While scavenging the toddler section of my favourite department store I noticed a woman looking at me. I tend to have social anxiety in crowds, which also leads to paranoia.  I tried to ignore her looking at me as she passed.  And also tried to ignore the very loud conversation she was having on her cellphone.  I wanted to say, "Hey lady, stop staring at me! I'm not listening to you on purpose only because you are choosing to have a very loud convo in a PUBLIC place." 

After a few minutes of fruitless searching for size 2T pants, I rounded the corner to the next aisle.  Loud cellphone lady was there but I never would have known because she had stopped yell/speaking into her phone.  My phone was still chiming *Owner of a Lonely Heart* from the depths of my tote.  I wanted to move away from the continued stares of my new 'companion' but was actually finding clothes needed for the wee one.  I had filled my basket and figured my break must nearly be done so turned to head towards the cash register area.  As I walked away, an ear-splitting tune filled the entire Toddler clothing section *Oh We're Half Way There, Oh Livin' on a Prayer!*.  I actually laughed out loud, turned and faced Loud cellphone lady, and she looked like a deer caught in headlights.  It suddenly dawned on me- she was probably staring at me because of my choice of ringtone.  And now I was staring at her because of her ringtone.  I gave her a smile, a nod, and walked away to pay for my purchases.  All the while biting my tongue because Bon Jovi is not my cup of tea. *insert alternative slang words for the things you dislike with a capital 'D'*  I give them a hats off for longevity in the business but that is just to be polite to friends that are die-hard fans.  So there I was all paranoid about a stranger staring at me.  My choice of vanity ringtone might not have been one of her favourite songs either.  And to be fair, I probably test the patience of every friend and stranger...the reminder alerts on my mobile are set to come through every 2 minutes...

Here's a blast from the past. 

*Archived post from April 2011 **images courtesy of dreamstime.com and youtube.com


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