Hostess Gifts That Are Budget Friendly And Meaningful. {Updated.}

Buy take-away pans, give the goodies
to friends & family right in the container.
Baked Treats:
One tip to save time and money: Buy take-away containers with edges that fold down to hold their lids in place.  The ones I buy come in packs of three/for a $1 at my local dollar store.  I bake my cakes and breads in the aluminum pans, press the foil-lined paper lids in place (after the loaves have cooled), and write a message on the lid.  These pans can then be put in the freezer until needed to gift.  I try not to bake these more than a month in advance though, you still want them to be somewhat fresh.  Thaw in fridge overnight before giving away.

If you want to pretty them up, wrap the pan in cellophane and tie a bow around the top.  Or if you want a more practical wrapping- use a new tea towel as the wrap, using a ribbon to secure it in place.

If you don't have the skill or the time to bake, buy a cake and wrap it in one of the ways mentioned above.

Make Chocolates:
Check out my Chocolate Covered Snowball recipe.  I make 2 or three batches of these a month before Christmas and store in a Glad freezer-safe container.  When getting them ready to give away, place in Christmas themed tins or cardboard take-out containers.  There are some cute ones available at Micheal's.  I usually get mine on clearance after Christmas for about $1 each or less.

Option: Attach a simplified version of the recipe as a personalized touch.


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