Gift Ideas For Young Builders: Mega Block Kitchen Play Set.

Last Christmas I waited in line to
get this MEGA Bloks Kitchen Play set for $17.49. The retail value was listed as $49.99 then and $39.99 now.  I'm pretty cheap so would never pay retail for anything that can be gotten at better value~ by waiting a little time in line.  My Princess Destructo was 1.5 years old during Christmas 2010, so was just starting out with block play.  I set the kitchen up, put the stickers on (as pictured to the left), and watched her systematically dismantle the kitchen block by block.  It has never been used or played with as a kitchen since. From time to time I will set it up as the photo suggests, and sure enough, the next time Princess comes into her room, it is dismantled again.  A year later and she is beginning to build towers and buildings.  And yes, the accessory "spoom" has also been used to eat snacks.


  • MEGA Blocks are perfect for small hands that are still learning the balance and coordination required to build structures.  
  • The colourful play set accessories also inspire her pretend play skills and imagination. The spatula and frying pan have been used to pretend to cook food during bath time.  
  • Other MEGA Bloks can be purchased separately and mixed in to be used with this set. We have mixed blocks from her MEGA Bloks Farm set. 
  • The storage bin is small, lightweight, and has room for all her blocks.  She often sits or stands in the bin to reach the top of her towers.

Con: I do wish the patterns had been embossed on the bins and blocks instead of using stickers to decorate. These toys are washable, but the stickers are peeling and faded.

Product Specs:

Rated for ages 1 to 6 years old.
Retails for $39.99.
30+ pieces, including a mixture of Bloks and accessories (a spatula, fry pan, knife, plates, cups, and spoon.
Stickers included to enhance the theme and pretend play.
Storage Bin doubles as a multi-layered work surface.
Wheels on one side for easy portability.
Lightweight and compact.
There are MEGA Bloks sets sold separately to match this theme.
There is also a Workbench set available in the same price point (pictured right).

This is mine but you can still buy it for your own little builder:
I got mine at a Midnight Madness Sale at Zellers last year.  They are still on sale there for $45.98. also sells these play sets and a whole variety of other MEGA Bloks items.

*This is not a Sponsored post. All views are honest and my own.  Please follow all product/manufacturer guidelines.  **Images from


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