Deals of the Week: Just In Time For Holiday Shopping.

The Holiday Season can put a big dent in your budget, so I try to start early.  Every year I try to find inexpensive yet meaningful gifts for the people I care about.  This planning usually starts soon after Labour Day.  Some of my shopping even occurred last January with the after Christmas clearance sales.  But I will talk more about my budget Holiday tips another day.  Right now I just wanted to share some deals I have "splurged" on this week.  Bath & Body Works is one of my go-to stores for hostess gifts, not only for Christmas, but year-round.  And Old Navy is where I get most of my daughter's clothing because they frequently have sales on new merchandise - plus they allow you to use coupons on sale items, where most places won't.

Bath and Body Works- 

Deal 7 Hand Soaps for $25.
This breaks down to a unit price of $3.50 per soap. They usually retail for $5.50, and this deal only happens about twice a year.  Since the limited edition Holiday scents are in stores so these soaps will be extra special to give as hostess gifts or as part of a bigger gift. An extra bonus- I also had a store coupon for $10 off any purchase of $30 or more.  Visit Bath & Body for a store locator.
Bargain Hunting Tip- When a store gives you a chance to do an online or phone survey, do it.  I never pass up a chance to give a few minutes of my time. The store will get valuable feedback on their services and I get a discount on future purchases.
Old Navy-
$9 Fashion Tee's + Children's Socks 4 for $5. 
I'm generally not to picky with brand names.  A bargain like this was too hard to pass up. I went into Old Navy looking for socks for my Princess Destructo. I'm not sure that the 4 for $5 is a sale, because they are usually 5 for $5 any time I have bought them in the last 2 years.  I am loyal to Old Navy children's socks because of the "triple roll" feature which gets you through a little extra growth.  And also their non-slip  "grippy" bottoms.  We have laminate flooring, and my daughter looks like shes trying to walk on ice any time I put regular, non-grippy socks on her.
Time Saving Tip- Buy one colour/style of socks for each member of the family. When sorting laundry, my least favourite job is matching up the socks because they rarely ever do!  Princess gets pale pink, triple roll socks, mine are ankle length athletic black, hubs has athletic black full-length and a couple athletic grey.  Socks get tossed into each persons designated drawer without much sorting.
30 %  Friends & Family Event.
A friend gave me a post card sized coupon earlier this week. It promised 30% off my total purchase from November 3-8/11.  I used it to get an extra 30% off the items that were already on sale.  And got a much needed discount on pants for my hubby. These weren't on sale, but I knew that my coupon would get me a good deal.  I didn't have a lot of time to look around at the whole store, so will be going back before November 8 to get some Christmas jammies for my nieces, and a few other gifts.

If you'd like to get your own 30% Friends & Family Discount visit Old This coupon can be printed out and used in-store, or use the coupon code at check out online.  Did you know they offer FREE shipping on orders over $50 & FREE Returns on EVERY online order?

Bonus- The cashier gave the coupon back to me and said I could use it as many times as I wanted before the expiry date!
Double Bonus- My receipt was randomly selected for an online survey to get 15% off a future purchase.

Did you get any good deals this week?  While you're shopping this weekend, do a random act of kindness for someone in Customer service...Have fun and play nice. 

*This is not a sponsored post. Deals and prices may vary in your region, check your local stores for valid promos near you.


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