Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Little Hands {Archived Post}. #Halloween

 I love Autumn.  Whether it is attributed to my love for pumpkin pie, or the crisp air on my face as I walk.  Each year, I look forward to what the season will bring.  Two years ago I happened to be out for my daily walk, just a day or two after Halloween.  Of course I had to check the clearance counter of my local Department store.  I chanced upon a super deal- a Mrs. Potato Head Princess accessory set for pumpkin decorating.  I paid $4 for it, instead of the retail price listed as $12.99.  My Princess Destructo was only 8 weeks old at the time and Halloween was done, so I tucked it away for the next year.

Fast forward to Halloween week 2010.  My Princess was now 14 months old and still too young for a full pumpkin carving experience. In spite of the product warnings**  I used my own best judgement and chose to use the pumpkin decorating accessories.  The Mrs. Potato Head Princess kit was pulled out of storage and I went to my tool box for a little help.  After sizing up approximate placements for the various pieces, I chose a star tip screwdriver with a sturdy handle, and punched the pumpkin with holes.  The princess pumpkin was cute and much loved by wee hands.  The pieces gave some resistance to being removed/replaced at first, but I wiggled the screwdriver in the holes a tiny bit to make the openings bigger. You can buy your own pumpkin decorating kit at Amazon.

I wasn't going to go without my toasted pumpkin seeds though.  I opened up the top, scooped out the insides, then washed and dried the seeds for roasting.

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Pumpkin tips for young children:
  • Let them draw or paint on the pumpkin with washable markers and paint.
  • Give them magazine cut-outs of face and body features (eyes, noses, ears, mouths, hands, etc.) to stick on the pumpkin with paste/ flour and water mixture.
  • Spread a plastic table cloth on the floor, scoop the pumpkin insides into a bowl and let your toddler/ preschooler explore them for a sensory experience.

Do you have any pumpkin tips or stories to share with me?

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**Reviewed product is sold with the following warning For ages 3+, small parts can pose a risk of choking for young children.


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