My Trip To A President's Choice Cooking Event: Sponsored By Huggies "Baby & You".

We ventured out to a Huggies Baby and You event and it was fabulous!  Chef Christine (from the President's Choice Kitchen at my local Real Canadian Superstore) demonstrated two recipes and they were delicious and seemed reproducible at home. The recipes are posted in the Baby and You Page Link at the top-left of my site.  I have a very happy Princess.  She ended up with a stuffed Tigger toy, which she hugged and said; "I wuv you." This was in honour of the Tigger designs on the Huggies Slip Ons, which we got to take home as well.  We were given 3 or 4 Slip Ons, a couple coupons for $1.50 off our future purchases, and a DVD with potty training tips from Huggies.  I can't forget to mention the tiger ears headband she received too.  She hasn't wanted to take them off, and even wore them to bed.

For me, it was a relaxing morning spent sipping coffee, nibbling some good food (the completed recipes plus cookies & fruit), and chatting about how to work the recipes into a busy schedule.  For Princess Destructo, it was an adventure where she got to colour with crayons, play with a new toy, and do some pretend play while dressed up in her tiger ears.  Yes, she got a few bites of food in between all that busyness.  We both had a lot of FUN!  Many thanks to Huggies for sponsoring, and President's Choice Cooking School Chefs for hosting!  I will definitely be attending other PC Cooking Classes in the near future and took a calendar of events to plan my next adventure.

Visit my first #HuggiesBabyandYou post to read more about this campaign sponsored by Huggies.  There are also chances to enter a giveaway for a $50 President's Choice Gift Card.  I need to apologize for getting the dates wrong in my premiere post.  These events are scheduled up until November 2, 2011.  Check the Baby & You Facebook page for remaining dates and locations- Information can be found in a tab located in the left column- labeled PC COOKING CLASS.

If you plan on attending:
  • The event is FREE but call ahead to register for courtesy.
  • The PC Kitchen is not guaranteed to be allergy-safe.
  • This is a full cooking DEMO with a chance to sample two different recipes featuring mashed potatoes and quinoa pancakes.  Refreshments may or may not include-Coffee, juice, fruit, or cookies like my event did.
I want to be completely honest about my experience and the following is intended as feedback for the Event Organizers:

There were no addresses listed for the two events scheduled for my city, so I called around to two stores to find out where I needed to go.  In fact a lot of the Ontario events had no addresses listed.  Customer Service didn't have the information at hand and I had to wait on hold, twice.

Even when I turned up at the right store, again, Customer Service had no idea what I was referring to.  I nearly left, thinking that I was in the wrong Store, but saw the Huggies event written on the whiteboard near the Customer Service desk. Seeing this, I set out to find the event room myself.  I was the ONLY one who showed up so ended up with a private cooking demo!  I wondered how many people were put off by the lack of addresses on the Baby and You Facebook site?  Many families would not have time to call around either.  This event had the potential to be more successful and more details would have helped save me some frustration.

Speaking of communication, I didn't see or hear any recommendations on Baby and You, to call and register for this FREE event. Though, when we arrived in the Community Room I was asked if I had registered. When I answered "No" was told (very kindly) that I should have done so.  I felt very awkward indeed.  Again, more communication could have let me know what was expected.  No one else showed up for this FUN event, so not registering didn't end up being an issue this time.

“Disclosure – I am participating in the HUGGIES® Baby and You program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Kimberly- Clark Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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