Spotlight on Clair de Lune Revisited- Apple Fragrances Just In Time For Fall via @superstargrace.

My top wish list picks for Fall Decor:

Apple Vanilla Fragrance for my Eden Lamp.
Back in June I posted a review as part of The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2011.  I featured Clair de Lune because it is a Canadian company and I really came to love their signature Eden Lamp.  I still love my Eden Aromatic Lamp and have picked a new favourite Eden Lamp Fragrance.  Apple Vanilla has won me over.  And for anyone who knows me, vanilla is not usually my preferred scent for home fragrances, unless it is a part of a large slice of cake with vanilla bean icing. Apple Vanilla is a light fragrance striking a perfect balance, conjuring memories of apple pie or warm apple cider.

Autumn Orchard Collection.

Secondly, I love this centerpiece and hope to get one for my new hutch.  Although it is a tough pick for a favourite, I would like to have one of everything in the new Autumn Orchard collection. It retails at 34.99 CAN and appears to be about 12 inches in diameter including the wreath that circles it.  The candle fragrance is called Alluring Apple and would be very complimentary with the Apple Vanilla Lamp Fragrance.
Number three on my list is the Duo Votive centerpiece.  It retails at 19.99 CAN, and would suit a smaller space, like mine.  It seems to be about 10 to 12 inches long, and about half as wide. This would fit perfectly on my breakfast nook pass-through.
I love to change my decor with inexpensive items that reflect favourite seasonal colours and scents.  Do you change your home decor with the Seasons too?  Or are your decorating whims more random?

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