Product Review: My Keurig Brewer Is Perfect For Entertaining & For Me Time.

My husband recently got a really good deal on a Keurig Mini Plus.  It was on sale for $75 at Future Compared to it's regular price $125, this seemed like a good chance to try it out.  And our 12th Wedding Anniversary was around the corner too.  Normally giving appliances for an Anniversary may seem tacky, but hubby knew how much I LOVE my coffee and I appreciated his gift.

The Keurig Brewer arrived at a time when we had good friends spending the weekend.  I opened it up, read the instructions, and was happy to see a 12 pack sampler of k-cups nestled inside.  We were all excited to try it out.

The manual suggested we run the brewer with water for the first use (omit placement of the k-cup for this first round).  This was meant to clean the brewer before our first real brew.  We each picked out the coffee we wanted to try and gave it a test run.  It wasn't as straight forward as I expected.  I had previous experience with a larger B150 Keurig brewer that has digital touch-screen, a large water reservoir, and choice of 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz. brewing options.  I soon realized that the 10 ounce maximum capacity of the Mini Plus is not generous enough for me.  And that operating the Mini Plus requires an exact sequence of events or it will not allow you to move on to the next step.

Here is the sequence I have now perfected:

1)Plug in Brewer
2)Push Power button
3)Lift reservoir lid
4)Fill to 6 ounce mark, close lid
5)Lift Keurig silver handle, allow time for water to pour down into unit,
6)Place k-cup into proper opening (or k-cup filter filled with 2 tablespoons of coffee), close till it clicks
7)Place mug on drip tray platform,
8)Press Brew, wait 1-2 minutes, coffee will pour into mug
9) Lift reservoir lid, re-fill with 6 ounces water
10) Lift silver Keurig handle and wait for water to pour down into unit, then close till it clicks.  DO NOT add another k-cup!

I like a larger serving of coffee and this is the best way I've found to get the results I need.  Don't worry, you are not watering down your coffee.  I choose the largest serving size when using the B150 Keurig at church.  It pours the same (12 ounces) amount of water through one k-cup. The only difference is, I have to add a few steps operating my Mini Plus to get the desired results.

Keurig Mini Plus Pros:
  • A k-cup size filter is available so you can brew your own coffee when you run out of k-cups. I bought mine at Future Shop for $14.99.
  • Everyone gets to choose the coffee or beverage they desire, my favourite is the Southern Pecan Coffee, and the Dark Hot Cocoa. I hope to try the Peach Iced Tea this summer.
  • Keurig offers a variety of k-cup beverages. Over 200 flavours/types to order online and some varieties are available in department stores.
  • The Mini Plus is great for my tiny kitchen.
  • There is a built in Drip tray for excess water/coffee. The platform can be removed to accommodate larger mugs (so the mug sits in the overflow tray which can still catch excess water).
  • The Drip Tray has also saved me a BIG mess on the times SOMEONE has forgotten to put a mug on the platform. It holds exactly 10 ounces, and the entire reservoir slides out for easy clean up.  I have moved the brewer closer to my sink for this very reason.
  • I love the Automatic shut off function, the brewer will Power off if you don't brew another beverage within 90 seconds.
  • Minimum brewing capacity is 6 oz. If you try to put in less, the water light will flash, and you will not be able to brew until you add more water.
  • Maximum water reservoir capacity is 10 ounces.
  • K-cup beverages can be pricey. I get mine at Wal-mart (paid $12.77 for 18 Timothy's Medium Roast Coffee/ 0.71 cent unit price).
  • A finicky sequence must be followed for the brewer to function, and with the Mini Plus you are relying on blinking lights to prompt you through the steps.
VERDICT: I love my brewer and have already had a great deal of satisfaction from using it.  Being the only coffee/tea drinker in our home, I can have perfectly brewed beverages any time without wasting a pot of coffee and with minimal clean up.  With a wide variety of beverage choices, both hot and cold, this product is great for entertaining too.  It will be the one time you get your guests to make their own coffee or tea without looking like a bad hostess. My friends WANT to make their own because it is a fun machine to play with.  I wish I had gone for a brewer with a bigger water capacity and may upgrade next year.  For the price my hubby paid I am thrilled with my coffee and tea every time.  I suggest you go to to learn more about the products and to decide which brewer is right for your home, or office.

*Original post date May 17, 2011.

** Image from This post was not endorsed or sponsored by Keurig but is an honest and true account of my experiences with the brand and products.  Please consult your product manuals and follow product operation guidelines.


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