Friendship Friday- Teacher Appreciation Week

I didn't forget Teacher Appreciation week, it's just been really busy around here and the week ran away from me.  How could I forget? I have been a Preschool Teacher. Though we didn't really get recognized as TEACHERS in the same way as our peers that have School Boards to back them up. But let's keep this light and friendly for Friendship Friday!

I have come across a few interesting sites. Some are blogs written by teachers for teachers. Others are meant to offer information and practical tools for the trade.

  • Smart Play -Sweetly Mis-spelled C-A-K-E-S, this gave me a chuckle

  • Teachers Net Gazette -Support for Canadian teachers is offered in a variety of forms, incuding encouragement to maintain their health too.
A link that offers support to Teachers that want to start a blog.

And we can't forget the Home Schoolers.

If you are a teacher- Thank you for investing into children's lives day after day.  If you know a teacher- please thank them today.

*Please feel free to post comments with educational links that you find useful, funny, or interesting.


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