Amazing GRACE: A Story of Survival & Lessons In Fire Safety

This Victoria Day post was pulled from my archives and revised to include Canada Day.  Original post date was 05/19/2011.  With Canada Day celebrations around the corner and many friends heading out to campsites, I always feel a need to give gentle reminders about fire safety at home, camping, and while using amateur fireworks. 

For anyone that's ever wondered why I use many references to "grace" in my blogs...
I have had my share of trouble, and somehow always pulled through. I say somehow but really know the reason already. I believe that GOD is watching over me, and has been directly involved in my life in a real way.
Amy @ 2 yrs, SPOT the dog, Dad, Big brother @ 6 yrs old

This picture was taken after a fire in my family's home.  We had to flee the house during the night, and might not have woken up at all if not for the help of our frisky pup SPOT.  He had barked and bitten at my Dad's legs to wake him up.  Everyone got out safe and sound and I have little memory of this first life or death encounter.  A local newspaper heard about our ordeal and came to photograph us and publish an article in honour of this hero dog.  In total I have survived three fires by the time I was 10 years old. Unlucky? I don't believe in luck, only GRACE.  Sure natural consequences of human choice often come into play as well.  These events could have traumatized me beyond repair, instead they inspire me to be prepared and plan to prevent.  Let's all take time to enjoy this Holiday Weekend safely.  Count your blessings, hug your family, and thank Amazing GRACE.

Summer brings the busy travel season with camping, BBQ parties, and other fire related activities that may include fire pits.  I want to encourage you all to:
  1. Check your smoke alarms regularly. A good reminder is to mark your calenders to check them every time the clocks turn ahead or back.  Do routine checks throughout the year too.
  2. Make a plan of escape for emergencies. Not to create fear, but to give control in an otherwise scary situation.
  3. Have working fire extinguishers in your home, at least one for every floor.  This includes one for outside too ( near the BBQ or fire pit, garage).  Plus don't forget your cottage, trailer, or camping gear too.  Do you know what to do if your BBQ catches fire?  Never fight a grease fire with water!  Here are guidelines for BBQ safety.
  4. Never leave candles, lanterns, or open flames unattended.  Extinguish all flames completely when you are finished enjoying them, or when the candle is burned down to it's last 1/2 inch. Other candle safety tips found here.
  5. I'm not a fan of personal fireworks. If you need to light your own for Victoria Day or Canada Day, don't be careless. Know the regulations for your town.  If you don't know what you're doing, enjoy the public displays instead.  Wouldn't you rather keep your fingers?  Other Fireworks Tips found here.


Gabriella said…
Many of us don't think twice when we see a fire engine racing down the streets; we often think it's just a false alarm or nothing too serious. Thanks for bringing up important points for us to remember this summer.
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